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Maria Anastassiou

Maria Anastassiou is an artist/filmmaker based in London. She uses analogue and digital media in moving image, social practice and curatorial projects. Maria’s work is informed by experimental ethnographic approaches to documentary and structuralist film traditions. She is interested in the form and application of the filmmaking process as an entry point into responding to place, historical narrative, communities, individuals and other artists.

Many of her projects are collaborative and defined by an exchange with other artists and the public, across disciplines and presentational platforms. Between 2014-2017 she took part in Corners; a collaboration with artists and audiences from the peripheries of Europe. In 2013 she co-founded collective-iz, a curatorial initiative creating expanded and immersive cinema events that examine new critical contexts for contemporary and historical avant-garde film. In 2010 she co-founded the film project: “Unravel-The longest hand-painted film in Britain” that won the Deutsche Bank Award for Art and involved more than 5000 people across the UK in creating a 16 hour long 16mm film.

Selected shows and screenings: Dreamlands- Immersive Cinema and Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, cur Chrissie Isles NYC USA, The Equilibrists Benaki Museum Athens cur New Museum NYC and Deste Foundation Athens, Nuits Blanches, cur Studio 303 Montreal Canada, Residual Agencies, Edinburgh Art Festival, co-curated w Leontios Toumpouris, Contact Artist’s Film Festival Apiary Studios London cur: Simon Payne and Andrew Vallance, Analogue Reccuring ICA London cur Bea Haut, Cephalopod, cur Bristol Experimental Film and Expanded Cinema, Negative Light cur Simon Payne, Microscope Gallery, NYC USA, Film Movement in Light: A contemporary Expression cur Ben Pritchard, National Portrait Gallery, London.

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