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Rosika Desnoyers

Canada Council Residency

Since the 1990s, Rosika Desnoyers has developed an interdisciplinary art practice based on the study and collecting of needlepoint as a means to explore the social function of art. Her work has been shown in various institutions in Canada and the United Kingdom. She holds a doctoral degree from Concordia University and completed a post-doctorate at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Rosika is the co-author, with David Tomas and Marc James Léger, of Millet Matrix: Contemporary Art, Collaboration, Curatorial Praxis, and author of the forthcoming volume A Genealogy of Berlin Work: The Industrialization of Needlepainting in Nineteenth-Century England.

Canada Council Residency

The Canada Council for the Arts partnered with Acme between 20012 – 2016 to provide residencies that were located at Bow Quarter in E3. Application and selection was undertaken directly by the Canada Council for the Arts.